By rustan “I will focus on giving our customers support, inspiration, and motivation”

Silje Langhelle was recently appointed as new Area Sales Manager at Easy-Laser. With many years of experience in technical sales, she believes the key to success lies in personal contact and good service. She looks forward to meeting and getting to know both new and existing customers, defining their specific needs, and delivering high quality laser alignment and measurement systems.


Hello Silje! You are Easy-Laser ’s new Area Sales Manager. Tell me about your role.

In my role as Area Sales Manager, I work with business development, and deliver both technical support and sales support to our distributors. Easy-Laser exports 95 percent of the products from Sweden, and I am sales manager for the majority of the European countries. I often visit the distributors to ensure everyone feels comfortable in their work, to assist when needed and to make sure sales are developing as planned. Information, communication and marketing are also a big part of my new job. At Easy-Laser, we focus on getting to know our customers and identify their needs, to recommend the best solutions possible specifically for them. Customers often come to us with one identified need they want help solving. But our laser systems have many applications and can often meet several needs, needs that our customers maybe not have identified yet. Therefore, one important task for me is to enlighten, both our customers and the market, about all the possibilities our laser systems can offer.

Tell me about your background. What did you do previously?

Before Easy-Laser I worked at Talurit AB, where I was a technical salesperson. The company is a supplier to the oil industry and produced hydraulic machines for the handling of steel wire ropes. After nine years of working with technical sales I was contacted by Easy-Laser, or Damalini as the company was named then , and asked to apply for the job. I was impressed by Easy-Laser as a company, and therefore also felt very happy when I was given the opportunity to work as their Area Sales Manager.

You have been working at Easy-Laser for 7 months now. What are your impressions of the company and your new role so far?

Easy-Laser is a very professional company with clear guidelines on all levels, both internally and externally. They have a clear vision of how they want to work, and what goals to aim for. As a new member of the team I received amazing support and I feel equipped with all the tools I need to do a good job. I participate in both sales training sessions and courses in business development. It is great fun working as an Area Sales Manager, since the job comes with a lot of possibilities. We arrange seminars and conferences with distributors, where we go through the different systems and applications and educate the distributors in measurement techniques. One challenge I see in my new role is to give each country the same amount of my time, no matter what the country’s sale numbers are. It is important that the distributors feel supported and included.

How will you work onwards to put your customers needs first?

We manufacture our own laser systems, and we have the possibility to customise the systems to our customers’ specific needs. We recently had a customer with the need to align something that was not possible with the systems we have today. After two weeks, we had customised a new system especially designed for that specific customer. The flexibility and ability to act fast are great advantages when working with Easy-Laser. High service and personal contacts will be prioritised to create strong and longlasting relationships with our customers.


Why are you suited for the role as Area Sales Manager in the laser industry?

I am almost always in a good mood; I am extrovert and can easily connect with people. I am interested in our customers and I frequently ask them questions. I am open as a person, and in that way I learn about our customers and their needs. When I visit customers I am responsive when they tell me about their business, needs and challenges. In that way I can guarantee that our customers’ interests are Easy-Laser’s top priority. The part I like most with my job is to meet customers and distributors. I meet so many different people, and I get to learn things about industries that I never thought I would learn. I am fascinated by the manufacturing of products, and the technical aspect of how things work, such as airplanes, boats and turbines. That is an exciting part of my job.

How can Easy-Laser help customers identify their needs?

Our laser systems are categorised in shaft alignment and geometric measurement . We are skilled and experienced in shaft alignment and therefore many customers are familiar with that specific part of our offer. But few are aware that we also offer, for example geometric measurement, and that is something that we want to change. We want to inform about the possibility to measure all kinds of configurations, and help our customers to recognise their needs. It is a lot easier to recognise a problem and a need if you know it can be solved, and there is a solution for it. Our only limitation of what we can accomplish, is our imagination.

What do you do when you are not working?

When I am not working, I spend a lot of time with my two lovely daughters. There are a lot of activities going on, such as handball, ballet and crafting. This time of year we also collect a lot of chestnuts and autumn leaves. They love it!

That sounds really nice! Thank you for telling me about your challenges and goals in
your new role as Area Sales Manager at Easy-Laser.

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