By rustan Easy-Laser® E940 proved its precision

To meet the demands from the machine tool market, Easy-Laser took initiative in testing the E940 system at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Results from the test confirmed what we actually already knew – we measure stable and precise for sure!

Thanks to Easy-Laser designers of detectors and software technology, the E940 system displays 0.1 µm and together with a highly developed measurement filter, we can actually see the existing measurement environment and maintain an amazing stability in readings. During several days the systems were tested by SP personnel.


The test equipment at SP centre.

As most failure in machines always occur within an envelope of 0.1mm we tested the detector within this range. The SP test result shows a 0.1 µm incorrect reading within the 100 µm envelope with a calculated uncertainty of max ±0.5 µm, which is outstanding. A typical straightness tolerance for machines is 0.010mm and often 0.0050mm is required, which force us to be competitive in precision.


Easy-Laser® E940 is the tool for your Machine tools

The E940 system allow us to measure straightness on moving axis, flatness on tables, perpendicularity, spindle direction, spindle to spindle and bar feeder alignment, using the laser beam as reference. The level of machine tables and foundations is easy to measure and align with the E290 precision level (accessory), connected to the display by Bluetooth. To measure vibration/bearing signals on the spindle bearing, use the supplied accelerometer.

The machine tool market still talk a lot about positioning and ball bar, but for sure the most important within machine tool geometry is straightness, flatness, level, perpendicularity and spindle direction.

Many service technicians confirm that the most common failure of machines is caused by spindle crash. With the E940 system this alignment/correction can be handled out fast and easy, during live adjustment. All measurements can be stored and pdf-reports are automatically generated.

The benefits using the E940 system for machine tool measurement and alignment:

  • Fast set-up
  • Easy to use
  • High precision
  • Live adjustment
  • Universal for all machines
  • Documentation according to ISO standard
  • Complete system in one 15 kg (33 lbs) carrying case

With the Easy-Laser® E940 in your hands, traditional bars and stones are no longer needed for measurements and alignment of machine tools.

Eilif Johansen

Product manager

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